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8oz Jar of multi floral wildflower honey

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8oz jar of multi floral wildflower honey WITHOUT honey stick

Steve’s Bees family farm is surrounded by woodlands, hedgerows and meadows which lead to wonderful multi floral wildflower honey harvests.

The honey is extracted from the super frames, filtered, left to settle then bottled into 8oz jars.


Many assume that keeping bees automatically means you will get honey but this isn’t always the case. A colony will need to be a strong, decent size before the bees will consider collecting excess nectar to make into honey and even then a lot of management is required, together with a lot of luck with the weather conditions. The bee keeper needs to be prepared and will need to be ahead of the bees to encourage the bees to go up into the supers in time. A day late can make all the difference between the bees making honey or triggering swarming instincts in the hive.